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KING RUTANTUTAN......Keeper of da FUNK !!!!!!




The Roundhouse  August 10, 2001

On August 10, 2001 Libido Funk Circus played Walter Payton's Roundhouse.
A refreshingly cooler summer evening and a hip, outdoor venue furnished
a great break from the dog days of summer!  The boyz spent the first set
trying to convince the Ravinia-esque crowd that the show was NOT disco
performance art!  Hugh's moves during Kung Fu Fighting let Barely and
Shampucci know not to get out of line or they'd get a good swift kick!

During the second set the crowd found their boogie shoes!  Chili
provided the adrenaline rush during Roller Coaster making everyone want
to throw their arms up and scream!  Well rested after his Sahara
sabbatical, the Sheik's synthesizers were salacious ( like his pants!).
Trouble seemed to be brewing in Transylvania, but it didn't affect the
Count who matched the Sheik solo for solo!  Despite the intoxicated
barefoot lady dancing on the open wood stairs leading to the gazebo
(what could possibly go wrong?) the boyz were RED HOT!!!!

Too impassioned it seems for Aurora.  The third set was cut short by the
men in blue.  For the first time EVER the Roundhouse was shut down (for
noise?)! ( I would call noise what was
emanating from across the street!!)  Please, who didn't get their piece
of the pie? What sort of political/monetary rubbish is going on?  On a
Friday night in a non-residential district of Aurora who's the big
stick-in-the-mud?  They should be tied down and made to listen to John
Denver until their ear drums rupture!!

Famous Freddies June 23, 2001
By:  Deanne

Okay, where have all of you die-hard Libido Funk Circus fans been?!  It
couldn't have been the challenge of parking or the eclectic bar crowd.
Unlike the March 30,2001 show - the parking was plentiful and there were
no leather-clad XFL cheerleaders, Dumas Walker cowboy leftovers or
convict looking stocking hat men!!!  LFC put on a first rate show
despite the lack luster show of support!!

A small contingency of disco fans crammed the miniscule dance floor and
showed the people that dancing is a form of exercise!

Hugh Jorgen's lascivious moves proved he was well suited as evil stunt
man!  Jack Frehley's stellar shades can't disguise his psychedelic bass
playing!  Barely's guitar solos were torrid!  At one time I couldn't
tell if it was the smoke machine or Barely's guitar that was on fire!
While Sheik Yerbouti was home betting on camel races in his desert oasis
homeland,  Cleopetme let Julius Seizure out for the night to fill in!!
Count Pimpula's sizzlin' sax seemed stupendous both with the group and
unaccompanied!! Shampucci's hair care professional loosened his fro and
with his new found freedom Sham's axe was astonishing!  An ardent
ambidextrous guy is a hard find, and a welcome addition to any group!!
The rhythmically constant Chili provides the perfect beat for dancing!
So all of you LFC supporters lets show our boyz the support they deserve
and DANCE the summer away!!!!

January 26, 2001  Sammy K's South Elgin, IL
By:  Deanne

The disco word is spreading, Libido Funk Circus played this locale for the first time on Friday and the people cheered...

The Hugh Jorgen, charismatic front man, had plenty of room to tease the crowd but still keep it real...

Hard to tell what puts Julius into his keyboard trance, but when the kid wraps his lips around his harmonica it send shivers through the pack of passionate people dancing in reckless abandon on the dance floor in a frenzied fashion...

Barely White snatched the mic and talked sweetly to the ladies.  Nothing like a Buffalo Soldier with a big gun to get the women riled...

Up behind the front lines is Chili.  He's a cool operator with a spicy bite and while he may be in his own world back there - skin playing is a form of artistry...

Jack Frehley is coming into his own!  The new bass player sounded great and is developing moves worthy of a circus member...

Enormous sounds emanated from the Count's saxophone!  During solos or songs his immense horn is a welcome addition to the group...

Kinkiness best describes Shampucci's hair!  That must have been some KY accident!  Luckily he can still play stupendous guitar and his deep backup voice earned him a tity flash - not surprising actually...

Expensive drinks amazed this reporter, after all we were in South Elgin.  Libido Funk Circus did not disappoint and a satiated crowd left the bar flushed and smiling.

Chicago City Limits  January 20, 2001

By, Deanne

On a frigid January night this modest Schaumburg location welcomed the boyz of Libido Funk Circus for a feverish night of dancing.  The hypnotic harmonies were enhanced by the sound guys who knew the sound board almost as well as Nino knew how to play the ladies.

Julius Seizure, pushing the buttons of the animal rights people and the envelope of style, has captured the glam that is disco!  His pants with the silver flares and the feathers are unrestrained!!  Whose boa did he ritually sacrifice and is that leopard or cheetah wrapped around his keyboards?

Barely White's new do is barely there - but his guitar work is white hot!!  A mid-show chapeau change made sure he wasn't aligned with Julius when the humane society comes knocking.

Shampucci was on fire, or appeared to be from the light sparkling off his new guitar strap.  (Purple goes with everything!! Good thing the pink fur one hibernates - humane society labor law.)  Scorching solos led him to wrap his fingers around a cool one to quench the heat and prevent burns.

Hugh Jorgen's talents are never wasted.  The throng of gyrating patrons only tried to keep up with his spirited and nimble moves!! How high can he kick?

Jack Frehley is a welcome addition to the Circus.  His axe playing runs in the family being third cousin twice removed from Ace.  A keen sense of fashion and Shampucci's hairdresser has him started on the road to funky town!

Chili's drums furnished the beat for the evening.  His tempo providing a constant backdrop for the dancing disabled in the crowd.

The Count, wearing his sunglasses to protect him from bright lights, was downright impressive during his Jungle Boogie solo!  He's the pied piper of disco!

When the third set ended a satiated set of fans went out into the cold with big smiles.  Another awesome show by Chicago's best disco band!!!

The Roundhouse Oct. 6, 2000

By Deanne

What a sweet venue, I'm only sorry I missed the outdoor shows!! The only
improvement would be a larger stage; although there is something to be
said about accessibility!

Hugh's Disco Inferno outfit was RED HOT!! Even the non-dancing
spectators ( hard to believe - I know) could feel him emanating heat!!

Nino continues to ride the wave of his triumphant return to the Circus.
He was working the crowd the HARD way, with the dollar bills to prove

The Count, running slightly behind schedule ( likely due to the fact
that daylight savings time doesn't end until later this month and only
then will he be assured of no sunlight) created such mouth music that it
brought a smile to all of the ladies faces!!

Julius was dressed to the nines and tickling those ivories like there
was no tomorrow.  His plaid pants were terrific but his shoes were over
the top!!! Nothing like a guy who loves fun shoes, huh girls?

Shampucci, energized by a recent infusion of curry, played a spicy
guitar both under and over!!  Finger work both ways - yah baby!!

Barely White was just that! His velvet hat and coat would make many a
grown pimp cry!! Add to that his great guitar and voice and the hurt is
multiplied a thousandfold - OUCH!!

Chili beating those skins back in the corner is never solo.  Providing a
fiery disco beat while remaining so cool is a full time job!

From the food to the service the evening would not have been complete
without THE intense entertainment by Libido Funk Circus.  The band put
on a stellar performance that left the women breathless and wanting

North Beach, July 15, 2000
Deanne, OFR

The name conjures up visions of sipping fruity rum drinks on a tropical
island, however, such wonderful disco is not an option in that scenario,
so Hoffman Estates it was.

Hugh, having caught a VERY large throat frog from the Mississippi,
performed amazingly well!!! Not quite the souvenir to bring back from
Iowa --- set him free Hugh!!

Barely stepped up to the plate to assist with vocal duty and sounded
fantastic!! Such fervor can only be accomplished through years of

Shampucci, using yet another guitar from his vast collection,
entertained the crowd with his fancy finger facade!!

The Count's presentation was pimping --- too bad he was unable to summon
more people to the dance floor!

Chili provided a great beat for dancing --- I give him a 10!!

Rumors surrounding Oliver's departure from The Circus abound...having to
stay one step ahead of the KGB may explain his "vacation" history.  Was
that blonde guy shadowing all of Oliver's movements a Ruski?  Good luck
Oliver, we're going to miss you!!  Hope the witness protection program
is good to you!!!

The boyz sounded awesome despite the fact the sound guy had to break out
the instruction manual!!! Or was that a blue magazine? ( That would
explain him not maintaining contact with the sound board at all times!)
During such a dynamic display of disco he should keep his hands off of
his joystick to prevent sound snaffoos!!

Navy Pier Beer Garden Sunday June 25, 2000
Deanne, OFR

What a spectacular night to play that funky music and shake you booty!!
Libido Funk Circus endured a brutal drive in from the Motor City to
arrive in the nick of time, hastily setting up and putting on their
boogie shoes.  The boyz took the stage to a hesitant gathering of
onlookers,  but when the music started the rhythmically challenged crowd
came alive!  If they were tired, the consummate professionals showed no
mercy dropping a bomb on Navy Pier!!

Shampucci titillated the throng during sound check with some libidinous
guitar licks and kept the audience excited throughout the show.  Barely
White's change of hairstyles between sets made us wonder - is he cooly
retro OR simply ahead of his time?  BJ Craven provided the foundation
for the band when the PA system failed, not once, but TWICE.  Chili was
positively three alarm on the skins and Count Pimpula was so hot even
his sax was sweating.  Hugh Jorgen kept the spectators enthralled with
his incredible voice and his great fashion sense - superb suit!  How
does he hit those high notes? Oliver Klothesov must be from a disco
village in Russia because he can boogie, oogie, oogie with the best of
them and he's only been in the West how long?

LFC won the beer garden patrons over and played an extra set to thank
them for their support.  We all look forward to the garden next month!!
Cold brews, the lake and disco - now that's summer!!

"Side Out" in Island Lake,  April 15, 2000

The building loomed large on the horizon and I had visions of LFC
stadium gigs! However, as it turned out Side Out was THE place to play
pool, go bowling AND listen to great disco!!!

Oliver Klothesov is definitely breaking out from behind the Iron Curtain
( and we would have heard more from him if his mike actually worked ALL
of the time)!  About those pants--what is that, velvet?

Barely White was barely heard at times but energetically performed
despite the contagious mike problem.

Hugh Jorgen's performance was so HOT he had to throw water on himself to
cool down!!

Shampucci's flying "V" had flown the coop--no matter the new guitar
knows how to play that funky music!

Chili is always steady with the beat and as his look evolves from
beatnik to lounge lizard I'm sure he'll continue to be the smooth

BJ Craven is always willing to get down and tonight his keyboard work
was stellar.

As for The Count, he can definitely blow his own horn!!

The question remains, who would bowl during such a great show?

Funk Reporter

"Synergy, The Basement" in West Chicago,  March 10, 2000

     To say that this venue was lacking would be an understatement.
While the stage may have been newly constructed for a FLEA circus it was
hardly large enough for Libido Funk Circus.
(Barely White didn't even fit ON the stage!)  And is tone deaf covered
by the Disabilities Act? Because that could be the only excuse for the
club's sound guy - all feedback all of the time.
Was I the only one who was under the impression that cocktail waitresses
actually bring you the drinks that you order?  Anyway
 as to THE BOYZ....
     Oliver Klothesov was trying out his new found freedom, acquired
since his defection, so Nino "Lockjaw" Sanchez returned with a
vengeance!!  Nino's gyrating was so intense it's easy to see why he
keeps the  tribe he learned the Lambada ( The Forbidden Dance) from such
a closely guarded secret.  (However, this reporter has learned it is
somewhere VERY DEEP in the jungles of Brazil.)  Hugh Jorgen's amazing
antics were confined only by the size of the stage and the miniscule
dance floor that was crowded with loyal fans trying not to poke each
other's eyes out.  Although BJ and Chili were at the back of the action
- they performed incredibly (is Chili working off some Karmic debt
having to spend a night in the corner?)  Shampucci's guitar playing
hardly suffered, although the "V" had no room to fly. Count Pimpula
remained the lucky one - his instrument, though large in its own right,
doesn't require a lot of stage space.  All in all Libido Funk CIrcus put
on a great show in spite of a terrible venue --- Kudos!!!!!

The Original Funk Reporter (TOFR)

 "Durty Nellies" in Palatine,  2/24/00

While Libido Funk Circus' Thursday night gigs may be winding down, the
Night Fever epidemic appears to be spreading rapidly at Durty Nellies.
As Hugh Jorgen commanded the audience to Dance, Dance, Dance they came
alive (luckily no Kung Fu Fighting broke out).  The flames of Disco
Inferno burned from Count Pimpula's sax while Chili set the beat for the
visit to Funky Town.  After Oliver Klothsov's performance, we're sure the
Iron Curtain will be saying I Want You Back.  Shampucci was Jive Talking
to all of the Bad Girls while BJ Craven was watching the crowd Jungle
Boogie.  Barely White's guitar work was hot - That's the Way!  With such
great performances week after week Durty Nellie and her patrons want to
tell LFC, boys Don't Leave Me This Way!!!!

Funk Reporter Deanne

 "Founders Hill" in Downers Grove,  2/18//00

The popular disco band Libido Funk Circus put on a high energy show last
night in Downers Grove.  Count Pimpula ,their new sax player, was
introduced and with mouth music like that he's bound to keep the ladies
smiling!!!  Barely White was wound up tight and laying down licks that
kept the whole dance floor wet...with sweat of course.   Oliver Klothesov
and Shampucci dominated the right side of the stage in a guitar/ bass
tag team that has rarely been seen in a disco band (gotta be the shoes
Oliver!!!!).  What kind of animal is Shampucci's guitar strap made out
of anyway?  Hugh Jorgen made the women swoon with his flowers ( hey what
was up with the guy eating the rose?) and high kicks that make us all
wonder....was he a gymnast in another life?  Chile was sans beret , that
definitely lent a little je ne sais quoi to the whole atmosphere!!!!
BJ, enjoying the benefit of his x-ray specs, remained smiling all night.
A great time was had by all!!!!!

The original funk reporter,