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Libido Funk Circus

Libido Funk Circus is the ultimate dance party band, featuring the best disco and retro hits of the past thirty years. From The Bee Gees to The Jackson Five to Blondie, Libido Funk Circus puts their own “rock and roll” spin on their favorite classic dance hits, playing them with more conviction and style than the original artists themselves.

Libido Funk Circus has been entertaining audiences with their instrumental gymnastics, outrageous clothes, fire breathing pyrotechnics and over-the-top stage show for well over six years. With two guitars, bass, keys, drums, and four vocalists under their collective belt, Libido Funk Circus has all the tools to make a room move all night long. Playing hundreds of shows at clubs, weddings, corporate and private parties, Chicago Bulls games, casinos and street festivals, Libido Funk Circus has turned into an unstoppable entertainment machine. If you are looking for a band to make people dance all night long, Libido Funk Circus turns every night into an event of crazy, non-stop, mind-blowing, funk’n fun!

For more information, please contact Libido Funk Circus, Inc. at:
(630)584-8880 or on the web at